MAF salon/spa - On the square in Georgetown  217 662 2845
                                                Massage Treatments
Sometimes, our bodies just need a little TLC. When you’re tired of feeling stiff, sore and achy, come to MAF salon/spa. We’ll help you relax, and we’ll also help you heal.

Our massage services have a tranquilizing affect on an overactive central nervous system. Massage therapy benefits your blood circulation and your muscle tone – adding much needed mobility and flexibility through targeted stretching. But that’s not all. Stress almost magically melts away, as the massage therapist lays skilled hands on you to work on your muscles and smooth out your tension. The results? You’re left feeling refreshed, renewed and recharged.

It’s time to focus on what your body needs. Indulge yourself. Call us !  
       217 662 2845
                                              60 minutes $60
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